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The Power of Understanding

What is an ETF?

Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are funds that trade on an exchange like a stock, granting cost-effective, tax-efficient, diversified access to worldwide investment markets. They are a type of security that tracks the performance of a specified index, minus fees.

Although ETFs and mutual funds share some features, ETFs possess distinguishing characteristics that may make them a more attractive proposition for certain investors. To wit, while both represent professionally managed collections of individual stocks or bonds, ETFs typically offer lower initial investment minimums and real-time pricing each time you buy and sell.



Why invest in MAMB?

Evaluate Traditional and Non-traditional Asset Classes: MAMB believes one must look beyond traditional options when selecting their fixed income and total return exposure. Non-traditional options can be advantageous and complement, or in some cases offset, the risks that traditional fixed income markets encounter.

Tactical Approach to Risk Management: The Fund aims to provide investors conservative growth with reduced volatility due to investment choice flexibility and an attempt at low correlation. Fixed income investments span various durations as well as issuer and credit quality. Alternative allocations to traditional fixed income highlight a broad range from commodities to currencies.

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Why invest in MBCC?

Multi-faceted Proprietary Fundamental Analysis: MBCC adheres to a strict set of portfolio mandates in an attempt to make prudent allocation decisions regardless of market cycle. The result is continuous allocation to what the Fund believes are 24 high conviction companies.

Seeks to Generate Alpha: Portfolios that feature increased position exposure provide diversified stock selection that fundamental investors have accepted as industry standard. In doing so, returns tend to track that of the index which represents the portfolio's benchmark. MBCC provides for the investor searching for alpha, a fleet of what it believes are high-quality names based on a proven, repeatable process.

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Why invest in MPRO?

Responds to Changing Market Cycles: The Fund's proprietary analysis of economic data results in the attempt to optimally position MPRO for the current economic outlook. As changes to the economic cycle occur, the Fund attempts to properly adjust equity, fixed income and alternative allocations to maximize returns.

Tactical ETF Selection: Equity investments feature specific sector selection while fixed-income investments span various durations as well as issuer and credit quality. Alternative investments highlight a broad range from commodities to currencies. MPRO seeks to outperform a traditional balanced portfolio by investing in asset classes it deems desirable for investment while avoiding undesirable ones.

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The Power of Experience – Our Index Team

Scott Martin, CIMA®
  • BS, Denison University
  • Recognized as one of the "Best ETF managers" of 2008 by Forbes
  • Named one of Chicago's Notable Financial Advisors by Crain's

Scott D. Martin is Chief Investment Officer of Kingsview Wealth Management, a Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) based in Chicago, Illinois. He also serves as a Contributor to the Fox News Channel and is a Contributor to The Futures Institute at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME).

Prior to Kingsview, Mr. Martin was Chief Market Strategist at United Advisors, LLC, a wealth management firm based in New York City, where he was co-chairman of the firm's investment committee and was responsible for portfolio strategy utilized by both firm and third-party clients. Mr. Martin began his highly regarded career at Astor Asset Management in Chicago, where he was co-portfolio manager on all of Astor's ETF-based separate account programs and Astor's mutual fund complex, which launched in 2009.

At the company, he and his team were named one of the "Best ETF managers" of 2008 by Forbes, and he authored the weekly "Astor Long/Short Balanced Update" newsletter, which received the NAAIM President's Award for excellence in financial newsletter writing.

A frequent speaker and lecturer, Mr. Martin has been featured in print and broadcast media such as The Wall Street Journal, Investor's Business Daily, and Yahoo! Finance. He is a former columnist with TheStreet.com and is a volunteer with the Anti-Cruelty Society of Chicago. Mr. Martin earned his Certified Investment Management Analyst® designation through the Investments & Wealth Institute™ and was named one of Chicago's Notable Financial Advisers by Crain's Chicago Business magazine. Mr. Martin is a recognized graduate from Denison University, where he completed a double major in Economics and French and spent months abroad studying the introduction of the Euro currency and its impact on European markets.

Neil Peplinski, CFA®
  • MBA, The University of Chicago Booth School of Business (High Honors)
  • MSEE, University of Michigan
  • BSEE, The Michigan Technological University (summa cum laude)

Neil Peplinski is a portfolio manager at Kingsview. With over 20 years of professional experience, Neil is responsible for research, investment analysis and the development of new investment strategy models.

Prior to Kingsview, he co-founded Cedar Capital, a partner company of Good Harbor Financial, where he served as Chief Investment Officer. He also served as portfolio manager and quantitative analyst for Allstate Investments. Neil earned an MBA with High Honors from The University of Chicago Booth School of Business, an MSEE from the University of Michigan and a BSEE from The Michigan Technological University, where he graduated summa cum laude.

Yash Patel, CFA®
  • MBA, The University of Chicago Booth School of Business (Honors)
  • BS CSE from The Ohio State University

Yash Patel is Cedar Capital's Chief Operating Officer and brings 14 years of professional experience to the firm. Yash's responsibilities include the management and leadership of operations, technology, trading, and portfolio management. Prior to joining Cedar Capital, a partner company of Good Harbor Financial, he was a quantitative equity analyst for Allstate Investments, developing and implementing model-driven trading strategies.

Previous to that, he worked and consulted for hedge funds, including Bridgewater Associates and Citadel Investment Group. Prior to his career in financial services, Yash spent several years in the software industry with a focus on systems architecture and application development. Yash earned an MBA with Honors from The University of Chicago Booth School of Business and a BS CSE from The Ohio State University.






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